We have two E90 cars for parts at the moment – silver titanium xi (AWD) and black RWD. Below some prices and availability. All the smaller parts are also available, please ask for prices.

2006 325xi, 135k km mileage


2006 323i, 160k km mileage


N52B30 1850$ (Canadian dollars, Priced to sell fast!)
Long block
DOHC 3.0-liter L6 engine (24v)


Transmission & drivetrain

ZF 6HP19X – automatic transmission for xi E90 1350$
Transfer case SOLD
Transfer case actuator SOLD
Front differential 350$
Rear differential 450$
Driveshaft rear 300$
Driveshaft front SOLD
Transmission oil cooler SOLD

Cooling, air intake

Radiator SOLD
Expansion tank 80$
Radiator cooling fan 250$
Air intake box 250$
A/C compressor pump 200$

Body parts

Trunk lid 300$
Front door shell 400$
Rear door shell 300$
Mirrors (heated, auto fold) 330$ each
Fender 220$
Sunroof (cassette and glass) 320$
Door glass 100$ each
Windshield 150$
Front bumper SOLD
Rear bumper SOLD
Grilles 80$

Electrical parts

Alternator 150$
Starter 80$
Windshield wiper motor + linkage 100$