Do you have high beam and left turn signal randomly activated while you are driving?

This can be seeing on E83 X3 and means your headlight aim height level sensor went off and here is what you should do.

The sensor adjusts headlights beam height according to the vehicles position on the ground, as it is shown on the Mercedes on the picture, so it is relatively safe to drive with the sensor deactivated, and definitely safer than driving with a turn signal on.


  1. Turn on hazard lights and drive to some parking lot where you can access your right front wheel suspension, turn the steering wheel all way to the right.
  2. Next you will be looking for this sensor connected to your front passenger side wheel control arm, disconnected the cable from it:

    e83 ride height sensor

  3. Tie cable so that it doesn’t touch the moving parts and break. This will solve activated left turn signal and high beam problem, you can drive like this until you replace your headlight aim height level sensor, you can always ask me if I have one.