Hi! We are located at West Island of Montreal and we are selling new and used BMW parts and do some mechanical works. You can find parts and cars for sale in corresponding categories of this site. Please contact us, as we are the great source of any parts for your bimmer at reasonable price.

Contact us at:


You can also meet us at the following events this year, we will be happy to see you!




15 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Looking for left front head light and turning light assemblies for 1993 bmw 318is

  2. im looking for e46 rad, clutch fan, and rear top shock mounts please contact me as soon as possible

  3. I need a frog light for my bmw 2009 335XI

  4. hi, do you have a x5 engine 2006 gasoline?

  5. Hi Im looking for the front drive shafts
    and are the cv boots torn ?

  6. i’m looking for a rear passenger window motor

  7. i search radio amp (locate in driver rear fender for 2011 323i.

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