BMW 530i 2002 E39 parts


Parting out 2002 BMW 530i. Overheated engine. Transmission in good condition,car runs.Selling parts only,not whole car.

All suspension and body parts are in good condition,nice wheels,interior, electronics. Let me know what parts you looking for,and I’ll pull it for you. All four doors, hood, trunk, seats available.


BMW coding now offered

I should have done it a while ago, but I took my time. I even had to buy a Windows laptop, as the software doesn’t work with Mac OS and Parallels doesn’t seem to help. Now I can offer coding for BMW from 1998 to 2014 including F series! A good example is deactivating day running lights (DRL) if you upgrade your angel eyes to LED white, so that you don’t have white angel lights with yellow DRL at the same time! I charge 50$ for it.


Some other things that can be done:

-Disable Seatbelt Chime

-Disable Seatbelt Warning Light
-DVD in motion
-Key FOB to fold mirrors
-Disable I DRIVE disclaimer
-A/C to remember to stay off when you powered it off last time you turn off the car key
-Digital Speed in MPH
-Close Windows/sunroof with Keyfob

-When vehicle is turned off, all doors unlock automatically
-Enable Launch Control
-Auto Start/Stop to be turned off
-Opening doors will not interrupt windows
-Close/Open Trunk from Fob & Kick Panel
-Enable Sports Displays
-Add Temperature & PSI to tire monitor screen