BMW smart key battery replacement


Have you noticed that I sell more E46 parts than any other BMW model? The reason for this is that I like to drive one. The last E46 bimmer had non-functioning smart key *which helped me negotiate the price a bit* Official BMW policy is that you have go and buy a new smart key in this case, which runs 130$, as BMW smart key does not have screw to open it and two plastic pieces are just fused together. After little research I’ve decided to replace the battery, for you to know it is 2020 or 2025 type Lithium battery of any make.

It took just15 minutes of risk to chop off my finger with utility knife, as I don’t have a vise at home, and the thing was open. I think next time it will take 10 minutes, experience, you know. I replaced the battery, went to the car and it worked. I put it back together with some super glue.

I don’t know what I charge for this. The thing is that the result does not look perfect. It looks exactly what it is: a piece of plastic cut with utility knife put back together with super glue. So if you want to save hundred bucks, grab me a case of beer and I will fix it for you the way described above, battery itself included. I can show you my key prior to the operation, so you can decide if you really want it. I think in time the crack will be covered in dust, just like it was before I started, so nobody will be able to tell the surgery was done.


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