about us: Montreal BMW parts

Hi! We are located at West Island of Montreal and we are selling new used BMW parts and do some mechanical work. You can find parts and cars for sale in corresponding categories of this site. Please contact us, as we are the great source of any parts for your bimmer at reasonable price.




  1. Hi,

    I’m looking for a power steering pump for a 2003 BMW 325i. The pump I’m replacing is a LF20 (older style).

    Please let me know if have one available or if you know where I can find one.

    Thanks very much.

    Paul Behncke


      1. Yup, you’re right. I need an LF20 or an LF30 with a different power steering high pressure hose.

        Thanks for responding quickly.



      1. Hi,
        I haven’t saw your available part but if it is different, it would not suit my needs. thanks anyways.

  2. Hi grubunkman. I live in west island and was looking for some mags for a e46 325i was wondering if you could provide me a phone number to contact you directly and if I can come see any mags you might have it stock. Also was interested in the angel eyes. Thanks looking forward to hearing from you.


  3. I need a front passenger window motor and a trunk lid for my 2002 330i sedan . How much for both and shipping it 40 minutes west of Toronto?


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